with PYE Properties you get amazing results.


PYE Properties focuses on Real Estate Development and Management in the NYC metro area. With decades of experience, PYE Properties brings a dynamic approach to Real Estate Investment and Management with a “hands on” practice. PYE maintains its identity as a purchaser and developer of “distressed” and “problematic” real estate. PYE’s relationships with the communities it works with and the professionals in the real estate development & finance industries enables it to acquire properties that require specific attention. Through its property acquisition process, the team at PYE Properties is able to mitigate risk by thoroughly analyzing the potential development property in a given market, thereby ensuring its investors of an adequately profitable return.

From the development of commercial strips to mix-used properties, PYE Properties offers a personable method of maximizing profits while “connecting” the tenant with the property. Setting new standards, PYE Properties has earned its reputation in providing quality products at a reasonable cost.


PYE has extensive experience in developing commercial strip centers, mix-used facilities and multi-residential complexes throughout the boroughs. PYE has participated and consulted on designing and developing phases of hospitality/hotel projects containing spas, restaurants and entertainment aspects. 


Rooted in South Brooklyn, PYE Properties proudly seeks to revitalize neighborhoods in need of projects that cater to the community needs.